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NEW Never So Glad NEW

Summary: "Sure, Fraser. She got Mr. Important and I got you. 
No contest."

The Exultation Floods Me

Summary: Living with Ray is certainly a study in the perplexities of the universe.

Best Christmas Yet

Summary: Call me sentimental, call me a fool, but God I love this man.

Loving Fraser, Loving Ray

Summary: I stare down at his hand, wondering how he could just touch me like that, how he could act like I didn't say nothing important to him, how he could not love me like I loved him.

Everything I Hoped For

Summary: I would love for him to share my home, and my life, with me. God give me the courage to show him what he truly means to me, and allow him to be able to accept me.  

  Second Chances  

Summary: Damaged doesn't begin to cover my problems. 
I'm sure any competent mental health professional would 
have a field day delving into my psyche.

No Ordinary Love

Summary: When he and I met, I knew that he was
something – someone – special.

A True Love Story

Summary: We have been together ten years and time flows by smoothly for us, by and large.

Never Cold Again

Summary: I have loved Ray for as long as I’ve known him.
Four years and twenty days, to be precise.


Perhaps this is the time, our time, to share
all of ourselves with each other.

Winner: 2003 Serge Award Best Artwork

Winner: 2003 Serious Duck Best Romance - Slash

Winner: 2003 Serious Duck Best Graphic - Slash

Christmas Wishes

What was he supposed to say? Yeah Fraser,
I know? It hurts that you don't love me?

Winner: 2003 Serge Award Best Holiday Story

Winner: 2003 Serious Duck Best Story - Slash

Coming Home

I never knew my hat could be a sexual object.


Understanding Fraser

People don't understand him. They look at him and
they see what they want to see.

Winner: 2003 Serious Duck for Best Short Story - Slash

Winner: 2003 Serge Award Best PWP

The Guy Thing

Once I get settled, however, I’m afraid that his voice – and the one in my head – is still talking.
”Actually, you ever thought about me and you?” “I get lonely. I thought maybe you did too.”

Colour of Change

All my desires… all my wants… they’re within reach.

A Mother's Love

I want Stanley to read this when I’m gone and know that I loved him more than anything else in the world other than his father.


Winner: 2003 Serge Award Best Death Story 

Say No

I don't want to make with Fraser the same
kind of mistakes that I made with Stella.


The scars from her abuse mark his body, their silvery lines
testament to the love he bore for her.

The Good Husband

I have always desired someone to love and to love me in return. I could be a good husband.

Diefenbaker's Other Daddy

"It's hard to tell someone such a thing. That you're
even less 'normal' than they think."

Soul Deep Love

The thought of my hands being the only man's hands
on his body enthrals and thrills me.

In A Split Second

I never expected to find love, you see.

Pack Song

Sequel to "Wolf Song"

Me and Ben, we're good together, I think.
I think he thinks so too.

Wolf Song

We are pack. We are all each other has,
and it has to be enough for now.

The Better Part

After two months of Fraser-less existence in Chicago, Illinois, I cracked. I couldn’t take it.

Twin Sized Bed

The reality is not two grown men moving
seamlessly against each other.

In My Dreams

Confused and bewildered over the dreams,
he wondered if he was losing his mind.


I do not want a lover who will be ashamed
of what we are together, of who we are.


And Caroline, what a woman. Good Lord, we loved her. Loved her deeply. She kept us both in line, God rest her soul.

Scarlet Fever

"Ray, oh, Ray…" Ben's voice sounded dreamy and hot and when his hands cupped Ray's head, Ray groaned around the thickness in his mouth. "Suck harder, Ray…"

2002 Serge Awards
"Best PWP"

Head Over Heels

Twenty years. Twenty years together. Now that I look back on it, back to when we met, it’s incomprehensible
to me as to why I ran from him.

2002 Serge Awards
"Best Fraser/Kowalski

Something To Live For

No matter what, I’ve been empty all my life.
Never knew why. Still don’t know.

Read notes HERE.

2002 Serge Awards
"Best Drama"

The Dating Game

I collect Diefenbaker to walk him, and as we walk
the streets of Chicago, I think about my first date
with Ray Kowalski

Ray's Christmas Epiphany

"Reason? Reason? What kind of reason do you think you need? You, me, three days off, a wolf, presents, food… sounds good to me. You?"

The Pretender

Prequel to 'Loving Him'

Y'see, I should be glad. I should be glad that Fraser's got Vecchio back. But the selfish prick that I am, I'm not.

Loving Him

His affection towards me has spoiled me
completely, but that's not a bad thing.


Sprawled on the snow, we stare into each other's eyes and I cannot help myself. After all, I am just a man. A man of flesh and bone and blood and I've wanted this so very long, so very much.


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