I’ve Had Knife Wounds That Hurt Less
(drabble, 151 words)



For doll

Ray struck me. 

Admittedly, he said he would, but I didn’t really think he would. I thought he was posturing, as is his wont. But this time he wasn’t. As I walk away from him, I allow anger fill me up. It feels good, this anger, and I continue walking, long after night falls, thinking on him and me, and… us. 

Finally, I make my way ‘home’, and as I sit there at my desk, my aching legs stretched out before me, Diefenbaker sitting by my side, I ask my companion, “How could he have hit me, Dief?” He whines, unsure, and my hand falls to his neck and I pet him softly. If I’m truthful, the anger has long since left, leaving in its place only hurt and sadness. “I’ve had knife wounds that hurt less,” I admit to my wolf. “Damn Ray Kowalski. And damn me for loving him.”