You Always Leave Your Boots On For Sex?
(drabble, 317 words)



For Ilexa

“You always leave your boots on for sex?" 

Ray’s question took me off guard and I raised my head up from where I had been licking him – his knees are extraordinarily ticklish. 

“What Ray?” I know I sounded confused, and I was. Lost in the sweet haze of tasting him, I had not been aware of anything else. 

He smiled at me, a gentle, sweet smile and I blinked, realising for the first time I was still completely clothed while he was laying there before me completely naked. I dragged my eyes away from his body and stood slowly, well aware of his eyes upon me. I slowly began to undress, my fingers clumsy from the desire to touch him, to love him, rather than dealing with the mundane task of removing my clothing.

I found I could not look him in the eye. I found that I was afraid. 

I dropped my uniform where I stood, and then finally dared to look at him again. Ray was studying me with a quiet intensity that quite took my breath away and I swallowed hard, wondering if he found what he saw lacking in some way, as others had before him. 

But then he looked me up and down and gestured me to come to him. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said, his voice low and calm, and I relaxed. I could tell his words were heartfelt and truly meant so I complied with his desire to have me close to him. As I moved to lie next to him, he kissed me softly, his fingers curling around my erection. 

“I love you Benton Fraser,” he whispered into my ear as he began to show me for the first time in my life how making love with someone who truly loves you back, feels – and how there would never be any reason to be afraid in this man’s arms.