Dief, Donuts and Love
(drabble, 308 words)




Diefenbaker laid under Ray’s dining room table, eating powdered donuts, the soft white powder clinging to his whiskers as Ray and I talked about taking our relationship farther than most partners do. 

"But, Fraser, I'm not worth loving!" Ray protested as I stated my case.  

“Yes you are, Ray. And I believe you love me too,” I said firmly. I was determined that Ray would see the truth of what was between us. 

He hesitated, looking down at the scarred surface of the table. “I do, Fraser, but…” 

“But what?” I rose, and went to crouch down next to where he sat, placing my hand on his leg. “What, Ray?”  

“Stella…” he shrugged, looking unhappy, drumming his fingers on the tabletop.

I restrain a sigh and the urge to curse the woman he was married to. ”I am not Stella, Ray. I’m just me. And if you’d just give me a chance, I’d prove to you how much I love you.” 

He looks at me then, the corners of his mouth quirked upward in a small grin. I smile back and he lays his hand over mine. “I don’t have to eat weird food or anything, do I?” 

His sense of humour… I smile and shake my head. “No Ray. I promise not to change your eating habits. I love you the way you are.”

”You, my friend, are unhinged,” Ray says before leaning down and kissing me, causing me to lose my balance in surprise. I topple over on top of Dief and squish him and his remaining donut. Ray starts laughing, Dief growls and moves, taking his last donut with him, and I look up at Ray in consternation. Ray winks at me and then pounces, landing on top of me with a particularly evil grin on his face. 

Life with Ray is anything but dull.