Never So Glad



For Shadow, Christmas 2007

Written December 25, 2007

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"Oh Jesus, Fraser, yeah," Ray muttered against Benís stomach as Benís hands tightened on Rayís head as Ray slid further down and took Fraser into his mouth. He loved the way Fraser felt in his mouth, the way Benís hands tightened on him, the beautiful fucking noises that Fraser made when Ray sucked him off.

Fraserís cock filled his mouth with a gratifying fullness and when he came, Ray always swallowed, he never spit.

Stella had been a spitter, Ray thought as he slid back up Fraserís body to kiss and hold him. Thatís as far as it was going to go tonight. They were both tired Ė this wedding business was really wearing on them. Ray had never realised planning a wedding Ė even a simple one, was so exhausting.

Ray was almost asleep, holding Fraserís hand when Fraser said softly, "The RSVP from Ray and Stella arrived today."

"They say they ainít coming?" Ray said, wide-awake now, turning to look at Ben in the dark, placing his hand on Fraserís bare chest.


"Just say it, Ben," Ray said. "It doesnít matter."

"No, theyíre not coming." Fraserís voice was still quiet, but there was an edge there that puzzled Ray.

"They say why?"

"To summarise Stellaís letter, Ray is an important man and canít be away from his business, and they are expecting their first child."

"I see," Ray said. He flopped onto his back, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about that for a moment. He was a little puzzled at what he did feel. He thought he'd be upset, hurt.

He wasn't.

And that was kinda nice. He smiled, just a little.

Fraser turned onto his side, facing Ray. He reached overhead and turned the reading lamp on over their bed before he laced their fingers together. "I hope youíll still marry me."

"What?" Ray turned and looked at Fraser so quickly that he almost got whiplash.

"I know youíre disappointed."

Ray grinned. "Sure, Fraser. She got Mr. Important and I got you. No contest."

Fraser smiled back, looking relieved, dropping a kiss to Rayís shoulder. "Youíre important to me."

"And youíre important to me." Ray rolled to his side and scooted as close to Fraser as he could. He looked at Fraser then shrugged. "Who cares, really?" He kissed Ben's cheek and smoothed his hand down his side, thinking about that. "Yeah. It doesn't matter."

"No?" Ben asked, smiling just a bit.

"Nah. Like I said, I got you. She got him. I'm over her." And it was true, he realised with surprise. He'd held this thing for her close to his heart forever, but somewhere, somehow, it slipped away, replaced with a big tall clueless Mountie.

He grinned.

"Dare I ask what you're thinking?" Fraser asked, eyeing that grin in trepidation.

"You probably shouldn't," Ray said with an even bigger grin. "Since we're tired, and all."

Fraser laughed, squeezing Ray tight.

The Next Afternoon

Ray slid into the kitchen, eyeing Ben at the sink as he reached for a cookie.

"RayÖ" Ben said, not looking up from his task. "If you eat them all, there won't be any for Santa."

Ray popped it into his mouth and chewed hurriedly. "Santa won't mind sharing."

Fraser turned his head and smiled at him. "Plus you'll ruin your dinner."

"Not me." His stomach growled on cue. Seemed he was always hungry out here in the big, wide-open, clean air smelling winter wonderland.

"I see." Ben finished rinsing the last plate, then dried his hands. "I'll heat dinner up right now."

Ray scooted closer, leaning against his partner. "Sounds good."

Ben didn't move, seemingly enjoying the way Ray was draped on him.

Ray idly thought that Ben had that look on his face, the one he got right before he pounced on him. He liked that look.

Then Ray's stomach growled again and Fraser turned his head slightly, meeting Ray's eyes.

Ray grinned, gave him a quick kiss, then moved away, just a bit, watching Fraser reached for the refrigerator.

"Maybe after dinner," he said reflectively, "we can fool around on the couch."

Fraser pounced, and as Ray landed with his back on the kitchen table, narrowly missing getting impaled by the salt and pepper shakers, he thought, not for the first time, that he was the luckiest man alive.

He found himself whimpering as Ben unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down. He wasn't altogether surprised when Fraser nuzzled him but then, when Ben's tongue flicked out and up and down, and then around his balls, Ray groaned and shook, his fingers tangling in Ben's thick hair. "More," he begged or ordered, depending on how you looked at it.

Fraser obliged, much to Ray's delight, and after he'd come so hard he saw stars, Ray croaked, "Bed. Dinner later."

Fraser hauled him up and Ray shuffle-walked to their bedroom, his jeans around his knees, following Fraser's lead.

Dief ignored them, thankfully, but Ray still shut the bedroom door as he kicked off his jeans the rest of the way, shucking out of his three shirts, t-shirt, longjohns, sweater. They landed in a pile, next to Ben's sweatshirt and jeans, and Ray climbed in bed, grinning at the look on Ben's face.

Fraser looked like the cat that ate the canary.

Ray liked it.

A lot.

He scooted on top of Ben and they started kissing Ė Ray loved Ben's kisses, they went on and on, just like drowning, just like being in love.

In love, he thought dazedly as Ben's hands curled into his skin and he murmured, "LoveÖ"

"Yes," Ben agreed, his eyes on Ray's. "Love."

Ray wrapped his arms around Ben's shoulders and just held on tight as they made love, as the heat between them grew and grew, and afterwards, as they lay quiet under their quilt, Ben's head on Ray's chest, Ray was never so glad in his life to be over Stella.

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