Scarlet Fever



For Shadow, who's working too hard.

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"Oh God, yes… Ray…" Ben's voice was husky and sexy and it turned Ray on like nothing he'd ever experienced before in his life.

While Ray's hands skimmed down Ben's uniform, fondling his Mountie, he sucked harder at the side of his partner's throat before kissing his way up to Ben's ear, down his jaw before nibbling on his lower lip and muttering, "I want to blow you."

Ben growled, his eyes glittering, and Ray grinned. They looked at each other for a long moment, their hands all over each other, stroking and caressing.

"Bedroom," Ben finally uttered. Ray nodded. He manoeuvred them back through the doorway of his bedroom before dropping to his knees and freeing Ben's cock from his breeches. He mouthed the foreskin gently, but not too gently, letting his tongue and teeth skim Ben's hard on, letting the way Ben's hips moved tell him what was welcome and what wasn't. As he took Ben's cock all the way into his mouth, he hummed with pleasure, freeing his own cock from his jeans, stroking it in time with Ben's thrusts into his mouth.

"Ray, oh, Ray…" Ben's voice sounded dreamy and hot and when his hands cupped Ray's head, Ray groaned around the thickness in his mouth. "Suck harder, Ray…"

Ray's eyes sparkled and he did as Ben asked, swallowing quickly as Ben exploded in his mouth. As he let Ben's cock slip out of his mouth, he continued to stroke himself idly, watching, waiting to see what Benton Fraser would do next.

"Take your clothes off, Ray."

"Oooh, Dom!Mountie," Ray teased, releasing his cock and standing. He pulled his shirt off before sliding his jeans off, thanking God that he'd removed his boots when he came home. Anything to hurry this along. They'd been friends for-fucking-ever, and he'd wanted Ben so damn bad for so damn long…

"On the bed," Ben said silkily. "On your back."

Ray grinned and nodded. He climbed into bed, fluffed up the pillows, turning and looking at Ben looking at him appraisingly, stroking himself idly. He was half hard again and Ray shivered at the thought of that thick cock in his ass.

He watched Ben as he remembered teasing him about the upcoming visit from Maggie, Ben's sister.

"Yeah, thank God, another Mountie –" Ray'd said in a singsongy voice.

"What, one isn't enough?" Ben had asked drily.

"I love that Mountie red, Ben." Ray winked at him. "Does something funny to my insides." And he hadn't lied – it did. Every time he saw Ben in the serge, it was like Pavlov's dogs, or something. He'd get a hard on and go jerk off and think of Ben in red… or Ben in nothing… or just Ben. He had it bad.

"Ah," Ben nodded. "Yes, I see. That's called scarlet fever you know."


"Scarlet fever. When one has sexual desires for any Mountie."

"Benton Fraser!" Ray had laughed. "You know that?"

"I'm not as pure as many people think, Ray. Tell me something." Ben said quietly, his lips curved up in a small secretive smile. "Is it only female Mounties that excite you sexually? Or would you be amenable to male Mounties also?" His eyes had sparkled in open invitation.

Ray remembered his mouth hanging open then stepped close – very close – to Ben and muttered, "Actually I just have the hots for one Mountie, Fraser."

"Ah. I see," Ben said, stepping back a little, schooling his features into polite acceptance. "I see," he repeated. "Well, Maggie –"

"You thick-skulled Canadian. It ain't Maggie. It's YOU!" Ray scowled, jabbing Ben in the chest with his finger.


They had stared at each other for a moment, perhaps stunned that finally, after being friends for so long they had finally given in and admitted what they'd known all along – that they loved each other, completed each other, needed each other.

"Scoot down here, Ray," Ben said quietly from the foot of the bed, bringing Ray back to the here and now.

"Down there?" Ray looked surprised but did as Ben asked.

Ben leaned over the bed and kissed him, letting their tongues slide together as Ray clutched at him, throwing one leg around him.

Ben released Ray reluctantly, reached over to the dresser and grabbed some lotion Ray had there, slicking himself up with it before reaching down and stroking Ray's cock with his slick hand.

"Can't… believe you're going… to… fuck… oohh Ben…" Ray gasped as Ben reached down and slid two slick fingers into him, twisting them inside him briefly before removing them and positioning himself at Ray's ass. "… fuck me in your uniform."

"Well, Ray," Ben smiled as he held Ray's narrow hips tightly for leverage as he pushed into Ray's body, "I wouldn't want to deprive you of your chance to fuck a Mountie… in uniform."

"Holy Sweet Jesus," Ray groaned. "Ohhhh…."

Ray stroked his cock as Ben kept thrusting in and out of him, watching Ben's eyes get hotter with every stroke, and even though he was bent in a position that he knew would probably cause severe discomfort when he wasn't being fucked better than he ever had been in his life, he wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Wouldn't trade the way Ben was kissing him, the way his cock brushed the wool of Ben's tunic, wouldn't give this up for anything.

"God, Ben… I love you!" Ray gasped in Ben's ear as he came, his hands gripping Ben's shoulders as Ben thrust hard against him once more, holding him impossibly tight, orgasming hard inside Ray.

With what seemed like massive effort, Ben pushed himself off of Ray and carefully pulled out before standing there with his pants undone, his sticky, wet cock hanging out of the fly, looking almost shy.

"Come 'ere," Ray slurred, straightening out a little, gesturing for Ben to come close. When Ben sat down on the bed next to Ray, he looked troubled.

"Did I… hurt you, Ray?" Carefully, Ben reached over and touched Ray's sweaty forehead.

"No, you didn't hurt me. Sleep with me? Stay the night?" Ray asked, kissing Ben's fingertips.

Ben nodded and undressed quietly, slipping into bed next to Ray. Ray immediately snuggled close to him and he relaxed a bit.

"Can't wait until you cure me of this scarlet fever, Ben," Ray said with a smile as he kissed the corner of Ben's mouth. When Ben looked at him uncertainly, Ray grinned. "Could take years. Decades, even."

Ben smiled at that and hugged Ray tight. "Yes, well, it could at that."

"Might not never get cured, even," Ray said softly, licking at Ben's ear.

"I hope not, Ray," Ben said, squeezing Ray tight. "I hope not."

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