A True Love Story



Written 1 May 2003

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Our legs are tangled together as he lies against my side, his head on my shoulder, his arm thrown possessively around me, the smell of our lovemaking heavy in our bedroom.

I move my hand up and down his back, my eyes closed as I savour the time together.

"Love you," Ray whispers.

I open my eyes and look at him. "And I love you, Ray."

He smiles and closes his eyes and I continue stroking his back as he falls asleep. Then I turn to face him, kiss his cheek, and let him hold me as I fall asleep.

The Next Morning

"Good morning, Ray," I say, turning away from the stove with a smile. "Would you like Captain Crunch Crunchberries or Cocoa Puffs this morning?"

"Crunchberries," he mutters as he shuffles past me, his eyes closed, seemingly finding his way to the bathroom by instinct. I smile and turn back to the frying pan, making eggs for myself. Ray abhors breakfast in general, so we keep cold cereal for him, since I can barely get him to eat that in the mornings. But since it's sweet, he acquiesces… usually.

When he finally comes back from the bathroom, yawning, he sits down in his chair and rubs his hand through his hair, causing it to stick up on end even more than usual, and says, his voice raspy with sleep, "Good morning, Fraser."

"I hope you slept well?" I inquire, putting his box of cereal and a bowl and spoon on the table before turning back and getting my eggs and toast.

"Yeah. Always do with you, you know that."

I smile at him as I put my breakfast on the table, pausing to touch his shoulder before sitting next to him. He just smiles at me briefly, before pouring his cereal.

Late Afternoon

It's hot under the summer sun.

Ray's standing in the backyard, watering the lawn, and I lean against the railing of our deck, watching him. He's wearing black swim trunks, and I can't help but admire his tanned skin as I watch him. He's barefoot, barechested, and singing loudly to some incomprehensible cacophony of noise blaring from the CD player sitting on the patio furniture behind me.

He looks back at me, grins and turns the hose on me.

This means war.

Before long, we're wrestling in the grass, me straddling him, trying to get the hose from him while we both laugh ourselves silly.

Ray suddenly drops the hose and pulls me down into a long kiss while the water splashes over both of us.

The kiss, as well as the cold water, is delightful.

That Night

Standing in the doorway of our bedroom, I call, "Ray?"

"Yeah, what?" He puts down his book and looks over at me.

"Could you help me put this up –"

"Sure, Fraser, no problem." Ray immediately jumps up and comes to help me. Due to a back injury I sustained several years ago, I'm unable to lift anything over ten pounds up over my head without some residual pain. Ray made me promise I wouldn't lift anything over my head, so I humour him.

"This?" Ray asks, indicating the bin we keep our spare blankets in. It goes on the shelf in our walk-in closet.

"Yes, please."

He leans close, kisses me, and hefts it up, carrying it into the closet. I hear it slide across the wood and then he curses as the light goes out. "Fraser, bring me a light bulb, okay?"

"Of course, Ray."

When I bring him the light bulb, he is tapping his foot impatiently.

"Ray, I'm happy to change the light bulb so you can go back to –"

"Fraser, don't be an idiot. Gimme the light bulb." He kisses me again, and pulls the light bulb from my hand, handing me the burnt out bulb. He screws in the new bulb, and the closet is flooded with light. "See? I told you I could do it."

"Well, it's not as if I was maligning your ability, Ray."

He winks at me, grabs my posterior and sways his hips against mine suggestively. "I know you're not, Ben."

I laugh and hug him tight.


"Oh yeah," he breathes into my ear as he pushes into me in one long, slow, sweet movement. His arms are tight around me, and we're rocking together, the ceiling fan overhead whirring quietly.

"I love you, Ray," I tell him and he tightens his arms around me.

He runs his mouth across my shoulders, dropping kisses across my skin, and I wish desperately I could kiss him. "Ray, can we move? I want – I need to kiss you," I explain.

"Yeah," he mutters, carefully pulling out of me. I roll onto my back and he smiles down at me. "How?"

"Straddling you," I mutter, wrapping one hand around his slick, wet erection and stroking gently as I pull him down for a kiss. He moans into my mouth when I release his penis, and I suck at his throat before I roll him onto his back. Straddling him, I smile down at him as I take him back into my body and he smiles back, his hands on my thighs, slowly stroking my skin as we become joined as one.

We kiss and touch each other, telling each other often that we love each other, and we move together, bringing each other to completion. Our lovemaking lasts a long time – after all, we're neither of us young – and I revel in it.

He does too. I can see that in his eyes, while we love, and long after we've finished and are just holding each other as we doze.

The Next Afternoon

Ray laughs as he wrestles Dief and our two pups, Shadow and Donya. The pups pounce on Ray and lick him vigorously as he protests, laughing so hard I fear for his health.

Dief grumbles to himself about dignity as he moves to lie in the shade. Not wishing for him to feel left out, I go to sit with him, commiserating, "We're both getting ignored." Dief rolls his eyes and then moves to lie where I can scratch his ears.

Donya comes over and climbs on Dief, who growls in a half-hearted way at her, and in response she licks his ears. He closes his eyes and lets her, the old softy.

Before long, Shadow abandons Ray and comes over to lie next to Dief, and Ray crawls across the ground to join us, leaning against me.

"Good," he remarks, looking around at our pack.

"Indeed," I agree, taking his hand in mine.

That Night

"Ben! Can you bring me the new shampoo?" Ray shouts, obviously not realising I'm on the other side of the shower curtain.

"Of course, Ray. Wait one moment," I say around a mouthful of toothpaste.

When I hand it in to him, he tries to pull me in even though I've just showered. "C'mon and join me."

"Not tonight, Ray. I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed." I lean in and kiss him, and worriedly he looks at me.

His hand, wet, rests against my bare chest, right over my heart. "You okay?"

"Yes, just tired," I say, covering his hand with mine and squeezing.

When he comes to bed, I'm reading and he takes the book from my hands and kisses me. "I love you, Fraser."

"And I love you. Really, Ray, it's all right. I'm just a little tired."

He searches my face and I smile up at him, trying to reassure him. "Turn off the light, Ray. Let's go to sleep."

He nods and clicks off the lamp and curls around me.

Early Morning

"Hey," I whisper in Ray's ear. "I'm going to take Shadow and Donya for a run. I'll be back soon, okay?"

Ray grunts and pulls my pillow close to him. I grin, and touch his tattoo briefly before Dief slowly climbs onto the bed and moves to lie next to Ray. I pet Dief, my hand lingering on his coat for a moment. He opens one eye and glares at me balefully before telling me to take the pups so that they'll be too worn out to bother him.

I smile and nod, calling the pups to me after leaving Ray to sleep. Putting on their halters and snapping on their leads takes no time, and we're soon out the door.

As I run with Shadow and Donya, I think on Ray's and my life together. We have been together ten years and time flows by smoothly for us, by and large. Yes, we have our squabbles, but we've never gone to bed mad at each other and I love him dearly.

I retired when he did, and now we spend our days together, rarely including anyone in our world. We have always been that way to an extent, but now it's even more apparent. We spend all of our time together. Co-dependent, he told me once in the Yukon, standing in front of my father's cabin as we argued about loving each other.

Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it, even now… I left him. When I realised he loved me, I left him and went back to Canada. I was terrified of what love could bring. Of what it would bring… I was so wrong to do that to him.

Of course, being the stubborn man he is, he followed me.

And there we stood, face to face, him shouting, me trying to remain calm, both of our hearts breaking.

He didn't hit me that time. No. He spoke words that I'll never forget, instead.

He told me he'd die without me. He said, "No, I won't kill myself, or nothing like that, Fraser. But you might as well pull out your gun and shoot me in the head, because I won't be no good for nothing without you. I love you, love you like no one else ever has. And I'll always love you. Whether you believe me or not, it's just the way it is."

Seeing the truth in his eyes, knowing that I loved him with all my heart, knowing that I couldn't live without him either, I pulled him into my arms and vowed I'd never let him go.

And I haven't.

I glance down at the gold band he placed on my hand years ago and keep running, smiling foolishly, no doubt.


An hour later when I return from our run, Ray's sprawled across our bed and Dief is lying in a patch of early morning sunlight.

I know Ray does not mind me sweaty, so I undress quickly and kneel between his legs. "Ray?"

"Hmm?" He opens one eye and looks at me.

"I'm not tired now," I say, striving to remain serious as I run my hands up and down his thighs, my eyes on his half-hard penis.

"Mm. Sounds good," he rasps, gesturing towards his penis.

"Thank you," I whisper, taking him in my mouth gently, feeling the oh-so-familiar weight of him on my tongue. He's already leaking pre-come and the bitter saltiness is welcome to me. His long fingers tangle in my hair as I move over him. Soon, he's rocking his hips for me, sliding his penis further into my throat, and I whimper as his hands tighten on my head.

He moans then, his hips snapping upwards and he orgasms. When I finally release him from my mouth, he sighs and tugs me upwards. I move to lie next to him, and even though my penis is aching, I wait, watching as he slowly recovers.

"Mmm. Nice. Your turn, maybe?" he teases me, his eyes sleepy and his smile sweet.

"Maybe," I allow, smiling back at him, feeling happy and very grateful that he loves me, that he wants me forever.

He rolls to face me, kisses me eagerly, licking all traces of himself from my mouth as my hands move down to cup his buttocks. As I rock against him, he continues kissing me, his tongue sliding against mine.

Ray pulls away from me, tugging at me.

"Against the headboard?"

"Yeah," he breathes, watching me sit against the hardwood headboard. I grab our lube, run a wet hand over my penis then Ray straddles me, his hands on the curved top of our headboard as he lowers himself against me. I push upwards, meeting his downward slide.

When we're fully joined, he licks me where my shoulder meets my neck and then we begin to move together.

My hands roam his body as we make love, and I hold him tight as I orgasm into his body. He holds me, too.

I love him so much.

That Evening

"What the fuck?" Ray snarls, glaring at the computer. "Fraser, make this thing mind me!"

"Ray – never mind." I realise it will do no good to argue with him, and take a look at what he's done. "Ray, Ray, Ray…" I sigh, turning the keyboard towards me as I straighten out his mess. He glares at the computer screen and I push the keyboard back in front of him. "Here you are, Ray."

He taps slowly across the keyboard and as I rise from my seat he glances up. "Thanks Fraser."

"You're quite welcome, Ray."

I go sit on the couch and pick up my book, happy that our domestic bliss is restored. Ray and computers have always been a bad mix.

When he finally finishes with his email, he comes and sprawls next to me. "Hey Fraser."

"Yes, Ray?"

"I love you. We got a good thing going, don't you think?"

I put down my book and drape my arm over his shoulders. "Yes, Ray, we do. I love you too."

"A true love story," Ray says, slanting one of his breathtaking grins at me. "Ten years, not bad, huh?

"Not bad at all," I say quietly, well aware that it's a major understatement, kissing his ear.

A true love story, indeed.

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